Make This Simple Footed Tree Stump Stool!

If you’re struggling to find a tree stump, a great place to look is an online classified site like Craigslist or Gumtree!

You need

  • AXE

1 The first thing to do is use the axe to remove the outside layer of bark. This step is actually optional, as you can simply paint over the top of the bark if you don’t mind a more rough finish.

2 If you’re looking for that smooth finish, a rotary sander will give you a seriously professional look, but you can also sand the stump by hand.

3 The next thing you are going to do is paint the outside of the stump using white paint. A few coats will give a nice finish

4 If you choose not to remove the bark (like we did for one) this will be the more rough finish.

5. The final step is to add the hairpin legs using a drill and screws. We used three hairpin legs  for this project!


This project also makes a great little gift, I’m giving this one to my mum for mothers day! Along with some flowers an a few other gifts. Now that I’m one myself I truly understand how much mothers deserve their day. Ha!

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