Make Pompoms in Bulk Then Turn Them Into a Seat Cushion

There are several ways to make pompoms one at a time – tools, tricks and techniques galore. But what if you need multiple pompoms? The traditional one-at-a-time method quickly becomes time-consuming. With just a board and nails you can whip up piles of pompoms in no time.

Tools and Materials

  • chair
  • yarn
  • hammer
  • nails
  • wood board
  • scissors
  • paint
  • glue

Jennifer Perkins

Prep Chair (if necessary)

Jennifer Perkins

A chair with a hard seat is a great candidate for a pompom makeover. All this chair from the thrift store needed was a paint touch up. (Look for yarn in the thrift store too.)

Brush off all dirt and chipping paint. In a well-ventilated area (outside), spray the chair with several light coats of spray paint allowing for dry time between each coat.

Make Multiple-Pompom Tool

Jennifer Perkins

Use a board that is at least 3/4″ thick (1x material). The length of the board is not important, but remember the longer the board, the more pompoms. A board about 2’ long is the easiest to work with. Use nails with big heads and hammer one into each end of a wood board.

Jennifer Perkins

Starting at one end, wrap yarn around the first nail down the board around the second nail and back up around the first nail again. Continue making loops with yarn.

If you want color-blocked pompoms, make sure each color stays at one end of the nails. In other words, wrap pink close to the bottom of the nail only and blue around the top half of the nail only.

The more times you wrap, the fuller your pompoms will be. About 400 wraps is a good estimate.

Jennifer Perkins

With the yarn still on the board, tie off segments with a strong cotton string or yarn. Remember to leave enough space in each segment to be the ends of two pompoms. (Refer to the video above as a reference.)

Remove the yarn bundle from the board and begin to cut segments in half.

Jennifer Perkins

Trim the pompoms to the correct shape. Try to leave two pieces of yarn long on each pompom so you can tie it to the chair.

If the chair you are working with does not have places to tie the pompoms on to, you can always use a strong glue to create a pompom covered seat pillow or tie the pompoms onto a mess rug form.

Jennifer Perkins

Bulky pompoms are surprisingly comfortable to sit on and obviously make any thrift store chair that much cuter!

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