Hot-melt gun in needlework

Today we will talk about an instrument such as a hot-melt gun. We will find out why it is needed, what is convenient, and consider its main characteristics.

First of all, it should be noted that the hot-melt gun is a universal thing and can be used far not only in needlework. On the contrary, among people who are far from hand-made, a hot-melt gun is associated primarily with matters purely domestic. Glue the outlet or glue the ceramic vase, fix the wiring or the part from the vacuum cleaner.

For needlework, as a rule, choose small and not very powerful hot-melt guns. The small size is due, at least, to the fact that the female hand (and the overwhelming majority in the needlework, the women) should grasp the handle of the pistol without much strain, and the female fingers – pull the trigger without any special effort.

The power of the hot-melt gun does not depend directly on its physical dimensions. A small gun can be very powerful and vice versa. Power, in general, affects the melting rate of the glue in the hot-melt gun and, rumors, the durability of the hot-melt gun itself. About the longevity – I do not know. I have a low-power pistol that has been working properly for 2 years.

About the rods talked a lot, but the characteristics of the pistols themselves forgotten. The main characteristics of hotmelt guns include:

Power, about which we have already spoken. What affects the power – we also discussed. Power is measured in watts and can vary greatly – from 10 to 300 watts and above. Very powerful pistols (from 80-100 W and above) in needlework are completely unnecessary. They are often used in the construction, gluing wood, plastic, metal. 15-100 W – the normal power of the hot-melt gun, if you want to use it in needlework. In addition, with the increase in the power of the instrument, its price begins to grow three times faster.

The diameter and length of the glue rods that can be used in this gun.

Heating time – the time interval between the inclusion of the hot-melt gun and the beginning of its use. The heating time depends on the power of the gun. Most often, the heating time varies in the range of 5-15 minutes.

What are the advantages compared to conventional glue and hand-glued?

– easy operation – convenient to hold, move, apply

– Accuracy of hit, which allows, by the way, glue to use less

– hygiene – it means that only the working surface will remain in the glue, and the pistol will blow, which can be wiped with a cloth or a sheet of paper, when the operation of the gun stops

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