Glitter Slime

I’m pretty excited to share this Glitter Slime tutorial today. We made this slime a few days ago and the children have played with it everyday since.I feel like I’ve finally found something child will do for more than five minutes. Not too shabby for a quick rainy day idea.

Here’s what you’ll need:

3/4 cup Liquid starch
1/2 cup Glitter Glue
1/2 cup Water
measuring cup
a bowl
air tight containers or ziplocs (for storage)

So, first things first, get all of your materials ready to go. We made two colors of glitter slime, a teal and a purple. In this version of the slime, your glitter glue is what is giving your slime it’s color. So get whatever color glitter glue you want your slime to be.

First, add 1/2 a cup of water to your bowl, then 1/2 a cup of glitter glue. Stir this together until it’s well combined. You’ll know you’re done stirring when there is no more water sitting on top of the glitter glue. Now, add your starch. Just pour it right over top of the water and glue mixture. Get this all combined as well.

*Pro Tip: When mixing the water and glue, and the starch- it’s a lot easier to just do this with your hands. It’s a bit messy but a spoon just doesn’t do the trick. 

Keep mixing the starch into the glue until it’s not really sticking to your hands anymore. Scrape the sides of the bowl and knead it like you would dough. I washed my hands once the slime really started to take form and then gave it another good couple minutes of mixing.

Once it’s done, plop your glitter slime on the table in front of your angry 2 year old and watch the magic happen. Seriously.

Now, while your slime is done, I do have a couple tips, just from what I have learned over the last few days.

The slime doesn’t stick to vinyl tablecloths, so use one. It will peel right up and you have no mess!
The slime does stick to clothes. So get the kids naked as needed.
Store in a container with a lid. I was using a ziploc but this stuff moves, so it will ooze out and onto your counter. which isn’t a huge deal but it’s annoying.
If you get the slime on your clothes or in the carpet or wherever, immediately take your fingernail or a butterknife and scrape like your life depends on it. Now throw it in the wash with hot water.

Tutorial found from: Fun things to do with kids

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