Giant Paper Flowers are the perfect go-to decoration


Everything you need to make giant paper flowers

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 9 pieces of 8×11 craft paper
  • Petal Templates


1) Begin by folding all 9 pieces of paper in half. Cut them so you have 18 pieces of paper.
Paper Tip: We used pink card stock, but you could use any scrapbook paper you like. These flowers would be super cute with a slight pattern on the sheets you use for the petals, or you could even make the center of the flower a different color. 
2) Using the Large Petal template, trace one petal and cut out a petal. You will then repeat this on 5 more of your 1/2 sheets of paper, so that you have A TOTAL OF SIX large petals.
3) Combine all of your petals and cut a 1/2 inch slit at the base of the petal.
4) Curl the petals away from your body, and then overlap the flap and glue using your hot glue gun.
5) Once all your flaps are curled and glued, you will push the center of the petal out so the curled petal flares out.
6) Glue all of the large flower petals together so the base of the petals forms a circle.
7) Repeat Steps 2-6 using the Medium petal template.
8) Attach your medium flower petal circle to the large flower petal circle using your hot glue gun.
9) To make the smallest flower petals you will take 3 sheets of your cut in 1/2 paper and then fold them in half and cut them.
10) Trace the small flower petal template and repeat the same process as you did for the medium petals and the large petals.
11) Attach the small petal circle to the medium using your hot glue gun.
12) To make the center of the flower you will take the remaining 3 pieces of paper and fold the sheets in half vertically.
13) Cut fringe on the vertically folded paper making sure that you cut from the folded side.
14) Roll up one piece of your fringed paper, securing as you go using your hot glue gun.

15) Roll the remaining two pieces of fringed paper around the first fringed paper.
16) Flare our the fringe and attach to the center using your hot glue gun!

17) Curl any petals that might need a little extra TLC! Your giant paper flowers are complete.

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