Flower Jars

Have you made Plaster Of Paris flowers yet? Well, if not, be prepared (when you do make them) to want to put them on everything! When you look at everyday items, you will wonder, "how would that look if I add a few flowers?"

So, when I saw these jars at the thrift store, I grabbed them knowing that they were crying out for flowers!

To make the flowers, I simply cut fake flowers, leaving a little of the stem to hold onto…

then dipped them into Plaster…

I gave it a little shake and let the excess drip off.
I laid the flowers on wax paper to harden.
While the flowers were drying, I painted the wooden top of the jars with chalk paint.
When the flowers had hardened, I cut the stem as close to the flower as I could get…
Then I glued the flowers onto the jar lids.
When I bought the jars, I had no idea what their final purpose would be. I just wanted to make them pretty. Then it hit me that they would be perfect in my guest bathroom. So, I filled them with Q-tips, cotton balls, and small soaps…
Tutorial found from:  Artsy VaVa

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