Mini Canvas Art

If you’re wondering what we mean by “mini” canvases, the ones used in this project were 5″ x 5″. You could probably go a little smaller if you wanted to (either 4″ square or 3″ square) but I wouldn’t recommend going much larger unless you are going to put multiple plastic animals on one canvas.

That’s always an option if you can’t find small canvases – get a larger canvas and line the animals out in a grid, kind of like specimen art. That would be a fun project as well!

How to put mini animals on canvas to make wall artCutting Plastic Animals

I used a heat knife for this project, which cuts a lot of stuff very easily, including craft foam. I love mine and use it all the time! If you don’t have a heat knife (and a lot of people don’t), then you’re going to have to rely on a little arm strength to cut the plastic animals.

I recommend using a utility knife or hacksaw to cut through the animals! Most of them (including the ones I used) are hollow in the middle, so it’s not as hard as it looks. However, it does take a minute. Please be careful and guard your fingers! This project isn’t worth losing a limb 😀

Supplies to make DIY wall art with plastic animalsDIY Canvas Art with Mini Animals

Gather These Supplies

  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Acrylic paint – white for priming; other colors of your choice for painting
  • Plastic Animals
  • Canvases (I used 5 x 5 inch ones)
  • Heat Knife or Utility Knife
  • Super Glue

Plastic animals cut in halfStep One

Begin by cutting your animals in half. I found mine at Dollar Tree. I was happy to find ones that were a slightly larger size than the typical tiny ones. To cut them in half, I used a heat knife. As I mentioned above, you can also use a utility knife or hacksaw.

Priming mini animals with white paintStep Two

This is probably optional, but I decided to paint a coat of white primer on my animals. I figured it would save me from a few coats of the acrylic paint down the road, and it did. It also makes the neon colors show up a bit brighter!

Painting canvases and plastic animals with neon paintStep Three

Once the primer is dry, paint your animals and canvases with acrylic paint. My animals all required about three coats and the canvases needed about two coats. To make it go faster, I used a hair dryer in between coats to cut down on drying time!

This is where you can get fun and creative with your mini canvas art: use boy colors, light pastels for girls, or neons. Anything goes!

Painting the edges of my mini canvas artI painted the edges of the canvases in opposite (but coordinating) colors to make it even more interesting and fun!

mini animal canvas8Step Four

Once everything is dry, use a small bead of super glue (or something else that provides a tight bond) to attach your plastic animals to the center of the canvases. I decided to give everything a coat of glossy Mod Podge so that the mini animals and canvases both had the same shiny finish.

You can skip this step, but it will seal the paint on the canvases, so I recommend it. If you don’t want the gloss look, feel free to go for matte or satin.

Cute DIY mini canvas art featuring plastic animalsStep Five

Hang and enjoy! You can hang these with regular picture hooks, if you have the canvases that include the sawtooth hangers on the back (you can also put them on). My personal choice for hanging is Command Picture Strips. Nothing shows, and then I can easily remove them from the wall at a later date if I want to change out the art.

I love how these look animal canvases in my daughter’s nursery. I’m considering using the back ends of the animals to add even more canvases.

I’m also glad that I painted the edges of my mini canvas art in different colors. It just adds a little something extra and looks fantastic in person.

Plastic animals on mini canvases


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