As July comes to a close, I think we all start to realize that we only have a couple weeks of summertime left. We go back to school in a few weeks and usually as this time of the year rolls around, I start to think of all the projects I wanted to do and never got to during my summer break.  Between vacations, playground trips, Etsy shop orders,  blog posts, yard work and  just relaxing, it seems like all my diy motivation goes right out the window and the stuff I wanted to do never gets done. I finally refinished and organized my make up vanity last week and now I am trying to keep my organizing train going.

To help combat my summer slump, this year I made a home project to do list. Nothing motivates me more than a to do list, especially a handwritten one! Is there anything more satisfying than crossing something off the list?? One of my big planned projects was to organize and refresh my closet. I am so happy to have a walk in closet to myself, but since only I see it, it has gotten messy and a little out of control. I have been working on rearranging my clothes and getting a system going, but in the mean time, I wanted to get my accessories organized. I have recently been on an necklace buying spree and they were all getting thrown in the bottom of a jewelry box to be tangled and never worn. I also want to be more organized for when school starts so it doesn’t take so long to put together outfits!

Here is the space we are working with. This is the before shot. All my shirts were hanging up top because I couldn’t use the bottom rod because it was too close to the clothes hanging on the opposing wall and I couldn’t walk through. It was seriously a cluttered mess.


Now that the closet is rearranged, I can use this bottom space and now the top makes the perfect accessory shelf and area!

To give the closet a pop of color, I painted three walls a pretty coral color. It reads more orange in these pictures, but in person, it is a coraly pink. This closet is so hard to photograph because there is no natural light, but I think you can still get the idea. With a nicely painted slate, I wanted to get started on the organizing.

On my weekly grocery trip to Walmart, I swung by the Craft Aisle just to browse for some ideas. My store has recently reorganized and moved many of their aisles so I am always looking to see what is new. Welllllll to my surprise there was tons of new stuff that I hadn’t noticed before. I picked up Waverly Chalk Paint in a light linen color, and some small clear Command hooks and my favorite, the Command Picture Hanging Strips. They are now included in the Craft aisle, so you don’t have to wander over to the hardware aisle to search for what you need. I even noticed that the packaging is different and says Craft on the bottom corner. Scotch® Brand products are now included in this aisle too and I picked up a couple packages of tape because I can never seem to find it at home when I need it! Maybe my next project needs to be craft supply organization!


I knew I wanted to hang my necklaces on the small hooks, but I didn’t want them just hanging up there with no rhyme or reason. I thought framing them out would add a nice touch and make it look pretty and more organized. I thought of painting a stencil on, but then remembered I had this die cut wooden frame that I had picked up on clearance awhile ago from the craft store for $2.80! I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and this seemed like a great time! My daughter said it looks like a magic mirror, so I thought it would be perfect in the closet to frame the necklaces.


I painted it a mint color to match the little mint tray that was holding my lotions and bottles and things. I used the Waverly  Chalk paint plus some Emerald craft paint I had laying around. I mixed the two colors together to get mint instead of running to the store again to get mint colored paint. I love using what I already have to make it work!

Once dry, I hung the frame on the wall in my closet using the picture hanging strips. These are seriously my favorite and I use them all.the.time. They are so easy to put up because you just put the one strip on the back of your item, attach the wall strip to that one, remove the wall sticker, and then press onto the wall really hard. By sticking them together first, you don’t have to worry about trying to perfectly line them up, because they are already attached! So easy! I put the clear hooks up then and scattered them so that the necklaces would have room to hang. I went with the Command Products here because if I do ever need this space for clothing again, I can just remove all the strips without damaging my coral paint job!


I decided to take it a step further and hang some hooks on the side of the shelf for my sunglasses. During the summer, I usually keep a pair in my purse, but when fall and winter comes and I no longer need them, they drift around the house until I have to search for them in the springtime. I thought this would be the perfect place to keep them during the cloudy months (and keep them safe from little three year old hands!) If you can go all winter without losing your sunglasses, then you are a better woman than I am!!

sunglasses Again, I love that if I ever decide that I want to hang clothes here again or do something else, nothing of these solutions are permanent and can be removed. This is perfect easy diy accessory organization for rentals and college dorm rooms!

The last step was hanging my necklaces and then stepping back and admiring my handiwork! The CommandHooks are strong enough to hold my big chunky necklaces and I love that they are off of the acrylic organizer. These necklaces were either too long or too bulky to hang nicely on the organizer.


I love that I now have an “Accessory Command Center” right in my closet. The mint tray holds my hair products, spray lotions, and other odds and ends that I use everyday like deodorant. The silver mason jar has hairbands and bobby pins My mornings go so much smoother when everything is in the same place and organized, so maybe I can sleep for a few extra minutes in the mornings and still look put together!

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