DIY: pom pom christmas ornaments


  • yarn
  • pom pom maker
  • scissors
  • cardstock
  • tiny pom poms
  • low temp glue gun

Step 1: Make all of your pom poms using the pom pom maker. Tie a long loop on each pom pom to use as a hanger.

Step 2: Cut various shapes to decorate each pom pom out of the cardstock. We decided on three shapes: antlers, an elf hat, and a scarf. If you’re cutting with kids, you can draw the shapes and have them cut along your lines.

Step 3: Place a dot of low temp hot glue (low temp is way safer for little kids!) down in the pom pom where you’d like to glue on your cardstock shapes. Press the cardboard into the glue (another good job for the kids!) until the glue cools. Glue a tiny pom pom onto the front of each large pom pom to look like a nose.


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