• Reindeer Pattern (Printed on 11×17 paper)
  • 4 Sheets Pink Felt
  • 2 Sheets White Felt
  • Pink and White Embroidery Thread
  • Needle
  • Stuffing
  • Pom Pom (or yarn to make a pom pom)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine + Thread


1. Cut out the reindeer pieces from your desired felt colors. I used light pink for all the head pieces and the large ear shape, and white for the inner ear and antlers.
2. Start with the ears. Use embroidery thread and a blanket stitch to stitch the inner ears to the outer ear shapes. Then, with good sides facing OUT, blanket stitch the front and back pieces of each ear together, leaving the bottom open for stuffing. Stuff each ear with just a little bit of stuffing.
3. Blanket stitch together each the front and back of each antler, leaving the bottom open for stuffing. Stuff each antler with a little stuffing.
4. Stitch the “neck” of the two main head pieces together, as shown. Use a 1/2″ seam.
5. Now you’ll need to stitch the center head piece to the piece you just sewed. This is also where you’ll stitch in the ears and antlers. Pin an ear and antler to each side of the head, making sure they are lined up with each other. Then, with good sides together, pin the center head piece all along the head and sew through all layers.
6. Fold the small rectangle you cut out in half, lengthwise, and stitch with a 1/4″ seam. You don’t need to turn this piece right sides out, but you can if you want! This will be your hook for hanging.
6. Pin both ends of the hook you just made to the top-back of the reindeer head. Then pin and sew on the back, leaving a few inches open for turning and stuffing.
7. Turn the head so it is right side out and stuff it.
8. Hand stitch together the opening you left. Tack the ears and/or antlers up if they are not sitting where desired. (Depending on how stuffed they are, they may “fall” a little, so you can just take them so they are more upright!)
9. Hand stitch the pom pom on the front of the nose! Done!


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