diy modern bowl planter

Never in a million years will you all be able to guess what I used to make this modern elevated bowl planter! Well, I’m sure you can tell from both the description and photo that I used a bowl, but any guesses to what the metal part is? It’s a pizza riser! You know those ones that pizza restaurants put on your table to elevate your pizza? Yep, that’s it! And when combined with a little paint and a bowl, it makes the perfect modern planter and stand. With this particular riser, I was able to use two different sized bowls to create two completely different looks. So read on and let me know which one is your favorite!


  • Metal pizza riser
  • Glass or ceramic bowl
  • Spray paint
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint brushes

Make Time: 20-30 minutes

Step 1: Spray paint the metal riser. I went with a turquoise blue, but really debated going gold. Any color you choose will be perfect I’m sure!

Step 2: Use your acrylic craft paints to paint the outside of your bowl with brushstrokes and dots or any pattern you like. Or you can just use a coordinating spray paint color to spray paint the exterior of the bowl.

Step 3: Add your bowl to the riser and add in large rocks, sand, and dirt. Then plant your succulents or plants. The rocks and sand help provide drainage for the plants since the bowls don’t have drainage holes.

Now the only difficult part is deciding which way you like it better. I am pretty fond of the smaller solid color bowl configuration myself, but the abstract art one is pretty cute too! And with a project this easy, I fully hope you make one for yourself and share your creation with us!


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