DIY Linen Crop Top

Check out the DIY shorts project here! For this crop top we opted for a crop top style, perfect when paired with a pair of high waisted shorts. Perfect for your next holiday!

What you’ll need

DIY Linen Crop Top

  • Sewing machine
  • 1.5 metres of fabric fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Invisible zipper
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper pattern
  • Color thread
  1. To make the shape for the top we used a shirt as the base. We traced around the armhole curve and bodice (excluding the sleeves) onto paper.
  2. This is what your pattern should look like after tracing.
  3. Cut out your pattern and then modify it as shown below to match your desired length. Since we’re using a non-stretch linen for my top, we added some darts for it to fit better. But if you’re using a stretchy type of fabric, darts won’t be necessary. You can use this pattern for both the front and back of the top, so you don’t have to copy the pattern twice.
  4. Trace your paper patterns onto your fabric, with the fabric folded in half and the flat edge of the pattern placed on the fold. You will end up with a front and back panel that look like this. Sew your darts first if you decide to add any.
  5. We decided to use bias trim for the finishing on the edges, but a folded edge would be fine too.
  6. To create a custom bias trim, fold your fabric at a 45 degree angle, mark the desired width of your trim and cut. If this is completely new to you, stay tuned for a more detailed step-by-step on how to create and sew a bias trim.
  7. This is what the bias trim finishing looks like after sewing. Sew your front and back piece together down the sides and finish all the edges (bias or normal hem),
  8. Since our fabric doesn’t stretch, we had to ensure that the neckline of the top could fit my head, which was done by doing a collar in a button-up style and creating a slit at the center of the back piece. A collar is optional, and you can just do a button or ribbon tie.

DIY Linen Crop TopDIY Linen Crop TopDIY Linen Crop TopDIY Linen Crop TopDIY Linen Crop TopDIY Linen Crop TopDIY Linen Crop Top  DIY Linen Crop Top    

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