DIY Leather Dog Collar & Leash

Your dog is most likely your best friend. (How could they not be?) So Lia and Co. have created this amazing leather collar and leash for our four-legged good-boys. Both the leash and the collar are made out of leather, which is nice for your dog’s skin and fur. Plus it provides a rustic, weathered look (which you can customize) that really pops when you and your buddy are out for a walk.

The best part? This project is super simple to make! All you have to do is gather the tools and materials, then download or follow the instructions found below. Craft with confidence and give your doggo a collar and leash they deserve!


  • Rotary Blade
  • Leather Punch
  • Mallet
  • Cutting Mat
  • Ruler
  • Paint Brush


  • 2.5mm Leather (Find at your local leather supply store)
  • 3/4” D-ring
  • 3/4” Bolt Snap
  • 3/4” Tongue Buckle
  • 8mm Rivets
  • Masking Tape
  • Acrylic Paint in Summer Linen and Wild Salmon
  • Matte Acrylic Finisher


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  2. Gather tools and materials.
  3. Cut the leather according to pattern notes using a rotary cutter.
  4. Punch holes in the leash and collar using a leather punch, follow the pattern notes for placement.
  5. Place the buckle and D-ring on the collar as shown in the pattern, fold the leather over and line up the holes, place the rivets in holes.
  6. Use the mallet to hammer the rivet caps into place.
  7. Place the bolt snap on the leash as shown in the pattern, fold the leather over and line up the holes, place the rivets in the holes.
  8. Fold the leather over for the handle and line up the holes, then place the rivets.
  9. Use masking tape to create a pattern where you would like to paint.
  10. Apply the paint and allow it to dry, then remove the masking tape.

DIY Leather Dog Collar & Leash


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