DIY Family Board Book For Kids

Start by gathering the photos you want to use for your book. I used Photoshop to resize them all into squares that were a little larger than 4″ square for my book and then printed them onto 8.5×11 pages. I just got the new Canon PIXMA MegaTank printer and was super excited to start using it on this project. I love being able to print my photos at home and one of my favorite things is that it has a huge supply of ink, meaning you don’t have to order it as frequently.Once all the photos were printed, I cut them out with an X-Acto knife and used my rubber cement to adhere them to the cardstock. A little rubber cement trick is that if you want a stronger bond, you should do a thin layer of glue on the back of the photo as well as the page it’s going on and then let the sides dry before sticking them together. If your kid is an early reader, once all your photos are in place, you can add labels or write on the photos who is who so they can also see a name next to the photo.Decorate the outside of your album to your liking and your book is ready to use!

Normally, I would love to use some stickers on the outside of a book like this, but Lola loves to pull off stickers whenever she gets the chance, so I thought a painted or stamped design would be best.

If you want to leave this book alone with a toddler, make sure they are past the age of putting items in their mouth as these are not food-safe components. But I think it would be fine to show it to a younger baby as long as you are there with them to discourage any book tastings. So far, Lola LOVES this book and I’ve even found it in her bed in the morning, which means she was looking at it for a bit before letting us know she was awake. She’s even been carrying it around the house at times! If your little one loves looking at family photos too, this is a great way to have your family around the house at all times, even if you live far apart from family members or special friends you love. Three cheers for family!

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