Diy fall dress

You’ll need:

some knit yardage. I was working with a huge piece of gray jersey knit I have, so I’m not sure how much I used. I’m guessing a yard and a half ish for a 3T size. The skirt I made extra long.

ballpoint needle
matching thread
paper to make your pattern (I use freezer paper, or medical exam paper, depending on my mood ?
knit elastic-1/4″ wide

Click below for the full tutorial!

First off, of course, make your pattern! I folded a tee in half, then traced around like so. Add some seam allowance to the shoulder, side, and bottom, though knit stretches a lot, so you don’t need a lot.

Make sure to mark the back and front necklines, and I lowered my front neckline as well.

Now for the sleeve pattern. I hope this helps-in general with any kind of fabric this kind of pattern should work well.

First trace the arm hole…then draw down like so, across, then out from the shoulder, and join the two lines. The bottom of the sleeve pattern should slightly narrow as it comes out from the armhole.

This is what it will look like, a very rough sketch so far.

Then I go in and shape the pattern. It might be confusing with all the lines, so here’s a pic of the final pattern below.

I curved the armhole up a bit more, and smoothed out the awkward spot at the bottom of the armhole. I also used a ruler to get my straight edges actually straight.

So next cut out two sleeves on the fold (which would be the top of the pattern, I never label mine, oops)…and also one bodice front, and back, both on the fold.

My skirt I cut 16″ long x the width of the fabric, which I believe is 60 inches.

Now cut some strips fabric on the bias, no need for huge pieces, this is just for the bottom of the sleeves, and around the neck.

Fold in half lengthwise, press, then both edges in, then in half again. Using spray starch helps a lot with pressing knits!

Then sandwich the raw bottom edge of the sleeve in the bias tape, and pin.

Then sew the bias tape to the sleeve, right along the edge. Press after this step and repeat for other sleeve.

Then press each sleeve in half like so.

You’ll want a nice crease so you can see where to sew your elastic!

Then, cut two pieces of knit elastic (mine were 4″ long), and pin one end to the bottom of the sleeve. (on the wrong side of the sleeve)

Stitch and back stitch with smaller stitches to secure the elastic…

Then pull your elastic tight until it’s about 2″ from the top of the sleeve. Place a pin there.

Then lengthen your stitch, and, pulling the elastic taunt as you go, sew it up the middle of the elastic. When you get to the end of the piece, back stitch to secure.

It’ll look like this on the right side of the fabric. Nice and gathered and cute.

Then sew one shoulder of the bodice pieces right sides together. (I used my serger but you can use a plain straight stitch or zig zag stitch as well)

Use the rest of that bias tape to sandwich the raw neckline, and sew that on like you did the sleeves. Make sure to add a little label now if you have one!

Then sew the other shoulder seam together. (press with iron)

Next put in your sleeves. Lay out the bodice right side up like so, then fit in the sleeves, making sure the right sides are together.



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