DIY Backyard Bowling for Kids

Use a yoga mat, pool noodles and chip cans to create a fun and colorful backyard bowling alley.

Materials Needed

  • yoga mat
  • 10 chip cans
  • 3 pool noodles
  • (1) small ball
  • decorative paper
  • number stickers
  • double-sided tape
  • toothpicks
  • speed square
  • measuring tape
  • serrated knife

Prep Cans

Remove the lids from the chip cans. Cut each piece of decorative paper to size, enough to cover the whole can and overlap itself by one inch. Apply double-sided tape to the wrong side of the paper on each edge. Press the first side onto the container and wrap evenly around. Then, press down the end piece. Repeat for all cans, mixing up colors and patterns as desired.

Add Numbers to Cans

Apply numbered stickers one through 10 to the cans, then replace the lids.

Cut Noodles

Measure the width of your yoga mat, then cut one of the pool noodles the same size using a serrated knife (Image A). Next, trim those ends to a 45-degree angle (Image B). Cut the remaining piece of your pool noodle in two. Trim one end to a 45-degree-angle on each.

Assemble Noodles

Insert several toothpicks into the angled ends of your cut pool noodle. Attach it to the angled ends of your two cut pieces until the toothpicks are totally embedded in the noodle, forming the end of your alley (Image A). To complete the lanes, attach an uncut pool noodle of a different color to each side using toothpicks (Image B). For a more permanent alley, use duct tape to secure the noodle joints. Lay the assembled noodles on top of your yoga mat, set up the pins and bowl (Image C).


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