Anthropolgie Inspired Lamp

Once I spotted a lampshade online at Anthropologie and had to have it. Once I saw it in person I realized it would be a really easy diy! All the fabric “puffs” make it put off a nice soft light.


I started with a basic lamp shade and base from Target.  I painted the base a vintage aqua color that coordinated with the rest of the decor in her room.Now for the star of the show, the lamp shade.  Start with strips of fabric (I used a heavy linen) about 4 inches wide.

Cut those strips into 4″ squares.  I stopped counting at 200 squares… let’s just say you’re gonna need a lot of them.  Obviously the amount will vary depending on the size of shade you use.

Cut the squares into circles.  Lots of cutting going on in this project.

Take your glue gun and put a ring shape of glue about half way in the circle.  Kinda like a bulls-eye.  This part definitely doesn’t have to be perfect and you can adjust how you do the glue to get either a tight puff or more loose.

Take the fabric circle and gather it at the middle to create the little puff.  I think I may have ruined my fingerprints forever after doing all of these!

After the glue has cooled, cut the base of the puff off so you’re working with a flat surface to glue to the lampshade.

Add a little hot glue to the base of the puff and stick it to the lampshade.  Easy as that!  Not gonna lie, it’s a little time consuming but so easy and worth it!

You could do so many variations of this.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of painting the edges with gold… we’ll see if that ever happens 🙂  You could dye the linen different shades of one color and glue them on in an Ombre like pattern.  Lots of options!

Tutorial found from: thepintopony

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