5 Simple Homemade (DIY) Pregnancy Tests

Homemade pregnancy tests are non-medical ways being used since the times when the scientific pregnancy kits were not invented. Isn’t it interesting to have a pregnancy test at home without a kit?

Momjunction is here to give you detailed information about such tests. They are especially useful if you have an unplanned pregnancy. Moreover, you can also avoid the hassle of getting pregnancy kits from the pharmacies.

Prep Up Before Taking Homemade Pregnancy Tests:

Use the first urine you pass in the morning as it will be more concentrated than the urine you pass later. This will give you the best result.

Drink a lot of water so that your bladder is full. You should be able to feel the pressure, and an urge to urinate before you take the test.

Below mentioned are some of the most commonly used and effective pregnancy test kits that you can make at home. All you need are the natural ingredients available in the kitchen or any local store. They are neither expensive nor take time for preparation. You make them as per your convenience and use them when needed. Without further ado, we’ll share the secrets with you:

1. Bleach Pregnancy Test

Here is a very reliable method called bleach pregnancy test. It gives you the result quicker than other tests.


  • If there is no foam, it means you are not pregnant.
  • If it starts to foam and fizz, it means you are pregnant.
  • Add bleaching powder to it, and mix it properly to avoid lumps.
  • Take a container, and collect the urine.

Note – Do not be too close to the bleach as the fumes are dangerous. When inhaled, they can make you feel nauseous and dizzy. If you touch it with your hands accidentally, use a concentrated soap solution to clean your hands.

2. Sugar Pregnancy Test

5 Simple Homemade (DIY) Pregnancy Tests
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Sugar test is the easiest of all the DIY homemade pregnancy tests, and it was widely used when there were no commercial pregnancy test kits. Here is how you can test for a pregnancy with sugar.


  • Take about one tablespoon of sugar in a bowl.
  • Add approximately one tablespoon of urine to the sugar.
  • Notice how the sugar reacts after you pour urine on it.
  • If you see sugar forming clumps, it means you are pregnant. On the other hand, if the sugar dissolves quickly, you are not pregnant.
  • The hCG hormone will not allow the sugar to dissolve in urine.

3. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

How do you use toothpaste to detect your pregnancy? No matter what the toothpaste is, as long as it is white in color, you can use it for testing.


  • Take two tablespoons of white toothpaste in a container.
  • Add the urine sample to the container having toothpaste.
  • Notice if the toothpaste changes its color. If it turns blue or frothy, it is positive.

4. Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar, another common kitchen ingredient, helps you detect your pregnancy. Here is how you can do vinegar pregnancy test with vinegar.

Note: Use a plastic container and white vinegar for this test.


  • Take a little vinegar in a plastic container.
  • Add your urine to it and mix properly.
  • You may notice bubbles while mixing. Let it stand and observe the color.
  • If the color of the vinegar changes, it means you are a pregnant.

5 Simple Homemade (DIY) Pregnancy Tests

5. Soap Pregnancy Test

This product commonly found in your home makes another ingredient for the pregnancy test. The best part is you can use almost any type of soap, irrespective of its color, fragrance or type. Know how you can do this homemade soap pregnancy test with soap.


  • Take a piece of soap that is big enough to hold in your hands.
  • Now pour urine on the soap and notice the reaction.
  • If it forms bubbles, it means you are pregnant, and if there are no bubbles, you are not pregnant.






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