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8 Tips to Detox from Social Media

Life without social networks: ways to get rid of Internet addiction. How to avoid becoming an “Internet zombie” and understand that life without social networks also exists. Read more about tips to detox from social media here.

How to delete your Instagram account

These days we share a lot of personal information with social networks. As the Facebook scandal has taught us, sometimes a bit too much information. While deleting yourself from all your social networks is a bit extreme, we understand that…

Facebook Makes Video Calling Easier

Facebook is trying its hand at hardware by launching two new devices called Portal and Portal+. These are essentially videophones as people in the 1960s imagined we would all be using by now. And thanks to Facebook, this prediction of the…

Facebook Hack Affects 50 Million Accounts

Around 50 million Facebook users may have had their accounts accessed as part of a major security breach. This is thanks an unknown party or parties exploiting a vulnerability in Facebook’s code and stealing access tokens as a result.…