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How to Create a Corner Gallery Wall

Chances are, you’ve got a sad little corner in your house that needs some love… And a corner gallery is definitely the answer! This might seem a bit daunting at first but I promise you it isn’t. I recently shared the whole process of

DIY Wrapped Rope Wall Hanging

Supplies 8 yards Cotton Piping (get by the yard from fabric store or Amazon) Dowel Rod (I used 4 foot rod from hardware store) Yarn Quick dry tacky glue Scissors Steps I first hung the dowel rod on the wall

DIY Family Board Book For Kids

Start by gathering the photos you want to use for your book. I used Photoshop to resize them all into squares that were a little larger than 4″ square for my book and then printed them onto 8.5×11 pages. I just got the new

Simple Macrame Table Runner DIY

When I’m decorating any space, I think in terms of layers that coordinate and contrast. Whether it’s color, texture, or size, those three elements can make a room feel less basic. My fourth guideline is versatility! This macrame table

DIY Easter Treat Box

Get ready for Easter with this darling DIY Easter Treat Box project. This is a perfect little gift box for kids and grown up alike. Fill the little treat boxes with Easter candy (like our favorites) and treasures. This DIY Easter Treat Box

DIY Tiered Polka Dot Skirt

Basically this skirt is three different length circle skirts layered together. Below is a pattern and guide for making a circle skirt. For this project you will make three in different lengths, and one out of lining fabric that matches

10 Steps to a Decluttered Kitchen

Reduce clutter and live simply with these tips for better organization in the kitchen. Scale back on cookbooks, don't buy another coffee mug, and then take a deep dive into this challenge and learn how to streamline your lifestyle

DIY Kinetic Sand

We've got the best recipe for DIY Kinetic Sand. Kids of all ages will love to play with this colorful sculpting sand. This DIY project makes great birthday gifts, stocking stuffers or party favors! Although we certainly love that you only

10 Toys Made From Upcycled Items

Designed to spark the imagination, these DIY kids' toys can be made in an afternoon with items you probably already have around the house. Craft a Shoebox Guitar All you’ll need to create a totally toddler-friendly guitar is a