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DIY Kinetic Sand

We've got the best recipe for DIY Kinetic Sand. Kids of all ages will love to play with this colorful sculpting sand. This DIY project makes great birthday gifts, stocking stuffers or party favors! Although we certainly love that you only

10 Toys Made From Upcycled Items

Designed to spark the imagination, these DIY kids' toys can be made in an afternoon with items you probably already have around the house. Craft a Shoebox Guitar All you’ll need to create a totally toddler-friendly guitar is a

How to Build a Cedar Planter Box

Planter boxes offer a number of benefits that outweigh an in-ground garden. Learn how to make a planter box from cedar boards with our step-by-step tutorial. Planter boxes are a great alternative to conventional gardening, especially if

How to Remove a No-Chip Manicure at Home

No-chip manicures are one of the greatest joys of life. Who doesn’t want perfect nails for weeks at a time? They keep your nails looking fabulous until it’s time to take them off — and then all hell breaks loose. Seeing the aftermath of…

19 DIY Dog Beds

These easy crafts are so cute and comfy, you'll want to make one in your size! Your furry friend deserves the absolute best, and there's nothing better than a handmade item that you crafted just for them. These super cute—and…