2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Coupes, particularly four-door hatchback versions, continue to make a strong comeback in the U.S. market and Porsche jumped on to the bandwagon recently, which, to many, is exciting news. The problem us car nerds face is that these are “coupe” versions of SUVs and what you see before your eyes is the Cayenne Coupe. What a world we live in.

This particular coupe’s styling, however, counts as a silver lining to an otherwise enthusiast cloud. Porsche gave the roofline a much steeper rake, then redesigned the rear doors and quarter panels with the intention to give a stronger, more athletic stance. That roof is a fixed piece of glass to give a better sense of space with natural light, but buyers can choose a carbon fiber roof option to make their heavy SUV coupe a little lighter. Other lightweighting options will be available, such as special 22-inch wheels.

Also adding to the aggression, the Cayenne coupe comes standard with both a roof spoiler and an adaptive rear spoiler. The adaptive spoiler extends 5.3 inches above speeds of 56 mph. Is too much? Not for me. Other standard equipment includes the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system, the Sport Chrono Package and 20-inch wheels.

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