PREVIEW Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

How Crossplay Works Publisher: ActivisionDeveloper: Infinity WardRelease: October 25, 2019Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC A hot topic in the conversation surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to this point has been how


COLONIALISM: THE VIDEO GAME! Sometimes you don’t realize what you’re stepping into when you start a review. The simple story is that I was asked to review something and I accepted it. However, I didn’t realize a couple things; 1: The

NASCAR Heat 4 Review – Pit Stop Adjustments

Publisher: 704GamesDeveloper: Monster GamesRelease: September 13, 2019Rating: EveryoneReviewed on: PlayStation 4Also on: Xbox One, PC This year’s additions to NASCAR Heat are perhaps the most subtle for the franchise so far. Still,


A new voice amidst time-honoured mechanics. A combat droid called Jack and some pithy one liners. For all the spectacle, all the bluster, all the carefully orchestrated standoffs with stratospherically proportioned enemies, those are

Borderlands 3 review: third time’s a chore

When punk rock is played by dentists Players who just want more Borderlands will likely be happy with Borderlands 3. The game certainly delivers more Borderlands, though not much else. Borderlands 3 is often a shadow of 

Wasteland 3 Preview – Rocky Mountain Way

There’s no doubt that InXile Entertainment has done well for themselves, particularly thanks to the positive reception of Wasteland 2, which turned out to be one of the few crowdfunded games that managed to meet expectations (despite a