10 Best Mandalorian Memes (That Aren’t Baby Yoda)

As the flagship series sweeping Disney+, The Mandalorian has proved to be an adventurous space western worthy of the Star Wars franchise. With practical effects combined with CGI wizardry, an all star cast, and the most talented writers

DIY Custom Christmas Stockings

Materials: 1/2″ fabric for both outside and liningtrims in your choicetemplate We used this simple tutorial to create the stocking but using our own template. To add on the ribbon for hanging, make a loop and sew it on.

5 Superfoods You Can Easily Add to Your Meals

Superfoods — we’ve all heard of these, and sometimes they seem to be unrecognizable, weird-tasting things you try to shove down your throat because somebody on Twitter was raving about their great micronutrient contents, amino-acids, or


Gather your materials. You will need some plastic beads, silver pipe cleaners, scissors, and ribbon. Hot glue gun to add the ribbon. Make a snowflake from the pipe cleaners by twisting them carefully around each other. I did