“Ember” by The Animation School

In the Fynbos. Mbali, a Nature Sprite looks at all the plants with concern. She tries to revive a wilted flower. Defeated, Mbali sees fiery embers float past. She follows and finds a Fire Sprite scorching plants. Shocked she confronts

2020 Honda CR-V: Hybrid, At Last

The 2020 Honda CR-V will be America’s first electrified crossover from Honda The 2020 Honda CR-V makes its debut with most of what you’d expect: freshened styling and some extra features. The upcoming CR-V also brings along something

Chicken tikka salad

This high-protein dish is easy to assemble at work or home. It makes a great packed lunch, and if you're not on a diet just double the quantities. Each serving provides 215 kcal, 31g protein, 13g carbohydrate (of which 3.5g sugars),

How To Make Mirrored Side Tables

Supplies for Two Tables:-One sheet of 1/2″ plywood* (I used about 2/3 of the sheet)-Mirror pieces (two 14″ x 14″ pieces and eight 14″ x 18″ pieces)–Wood glue-Four clamps (long enough to span 14″)-Power drill with countersink bit-Four dozen

Leopard Nap Mat DIY

Supplies:-batting for the inside of mat (you can use something like this and cut or fold as many layers as you want for desired thickness)-flannel for leopard body and ears (I got 4 yards of this in the latte color)-1/8 yard of