Easy Stenciled Outdoor Rug

Supplies:-outdoor rug (either a flat weave rug or a woven jute rug)–stencil paper (or you can use overhead projector sheets like I did)–acrylic paint–pounce sponge brushes–star template-X-Acto knife or scissors Print out your

Chicken noodle stir-fry

Chicken noodle stir-fry is very quick and easy to make. We show you how to make the perfect chicken stir-fry every time. This meal provides 674 kcal, 53g protein, 60g carbohydrate (of which 14g sugars), 23g fat (of which 4.5g

Tom yum soup

Classic tom yum soup with all the hot sour flavours you'd expect. Packed with herbs, spices and vegetables. Ingredients 1 litre/2 pints chicken stock300ml/11fl oz water6 sticks lemongrass, lightly crushed4 fresh coriander roots,

“Ember” by The Animation School

In the Fynbos. Mbali, a Nature Sprite looks at all the plants with concern. She tries to revive a wilted flower. Defeated, Mbali sees fiery embers float past. She follows and finds a Fire Sprite scorching plants. Shocked she confronts

2020 Honda CR-V: Hybrid, At Last

The 2020 Honda CR-V will be America’s first electrified crossover from Honda The 2020 Honda CR-V makes its debut with most of what you’d expect: freshened styling and some extra features. The upcoming CR-V also brings along something

Chicken tikka salad

This high-protein dish is easy to assemble at work or home. It makes a great packed lunch, and if you're not on a diet just double the quantities. Each serving provides 215 kcal, 31g protein, 13g carbohydrate (of which 3.5g sugars),

How To Make Mirrored Side Tables

Supplies for Two Tables:-One sheet of 1/2″ plywood* (I used about 2/3 of the sheet)-Mirror pieces (two 14″ x 14″ pieces and eight 14″ x 18″ pieces)–Wood glue-Four clamps (long enough to span 14″)-Power drill with countersink bit-Four dozen