Review MIUI 9 on Mi 6

Review miui 9

Hello MIUIers,

I know everyone is eagerly waiting for MIUI 9, and some of you might be enjoying the new features and awesomeness of MIUI 9 in your Mi 6 & Redmi Note 4X/Redmi Note 4 (Qualcomm). After using MIUI 9 for a few days, I can definitely say that MIUI 9 is faster than MIUI 8. There are several new features in MIUI 9 when comparing to MIUI 8. I will try to describe the features one by one which I had observed. This review thread was written based on MIUI 9 China Developer ROM 7.7.28, And Mi is adding more and more features daily to the MIUI 9, so the final MIUI 9 ROM may/may not contain more features. Since pictures can’t express the MIUI 9 features more clearly, I have created a video for most of the following features of MIUI 9.

So now lets start the review of MIUI 9 with its most awesome features.

1) Accelerated Startup of Apps

As soon as my Mi 6 got updated to MIUI 9, what I felt is that MIUI 9 is fast, definitely fast than MIUI 8. The app launch speed has been increased a lot. This I guess is due to Optimized haptic feedback, intelligent CPU acceleration, and optimized thread scheduling. The apps now open snappier, and the app launch animation has been changed too. You will surely notice the difference after using it. Watch the video below to see the comparison between both MIUI 9 & MIUI 9 App Launch speed and animation:

MIUI 9 App Launch & its Animation

MIUI 8 App Launch & its Animation

2) New Themes with new Icons

There are now 4 themes in MIUI 9, out of which I guess, most users will like the theme Limitless. My personal preference is also the theme Limitless. The white/black borders around the icons are removed and the squarish shape of the icon has been removed and I guess users will welcome this move very much. The icons and colours used in the theme Color Fantasy are more to be liked by the girls and they will like it. And for those who love the pure black colour, can choose the Cool Black theme.  The home screen UI changes with the themes and other UI is the same as that of the MIUI 8. The changes this time are really under the hood changes.

3) Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant is one of the important features of MIUI 9. You can access Smart Assistant by swiping to right from the main home screen. It can be said as an alternative of Google Assistant and is available in the MIUI China ROM. The smart assistant arrangement fetches information from various frequently used applications. We can also add shortcuts to the frequently used apps in the smart assistant too for easy access. It also shows the data from the Mi Fit app, can easily find and create notes, event reminders, trip booking data and has many more features too. Here is a quick video of how to use Smart Assistant in MIUI 9:

4) MIUI Smart App Launcher

Smart App Launcher is another important feature of MIUI 9. It’s an MIUI Lab feature, in which users can get all relevant information about any thing while using his phone. For example, consider that you are reading important stories or browsing websites, suddenly you came about a product, which you find it very interesting, then what should you actually do before MIUI 9 is that you would open the browser, and search for it in the browser search bar. and it will load the search results. Now with MIUI 9 Smart App Launcher, you won’t need these tiresome process. Just long press on the text that you want to search for and it will trigger the shortcuts from which you can search or copy that text directly. Users can also shop directly using it. The below video demonstrates how the smart app launcher works in MIUI 9

5) Simpler Home Screen Editing

The home screen has now got a major change in MIUI 9 when compared to MIUI 8. The developers have made the home screen editing more simple. Earlier it was difficult to move apps to another page which was far away from our current page. Now, this has been simplified. When we select the apps, the preview of the pages will be shown in the bottom of the screen and users can drag and drop apps to the required screen easily. So simple right?? The widget selection screen was modified to suit it to the stock android style in a full screen, instead of the bottom area in MIUI 8

6) Split Screen

This is one of the awaited features by the MIUIers. Split screen as the name suggests splits the screen into two parts so that two apps can be run at the same time. This will be useful for devices above the 5.5-inch screen. The split screen can be enabled by tapping on the menu button first and then you will see the Recents screen. In the top left of the recents screen, you will see the Split Screen Mode button. Tap on this button, then choose the first app to be added into the first portion from the recents list, then drag it into the first portion. after the tap on the second app to add it to the second portion.

If there is any app, that doesn’t support split screen, and when we try to drag and drop it, it shows like this:

Due to the rather special usage scenarios of split screen view, MIUI apps will automatically determine whether to allow the use of the feature according to its display requirements. For example, Dialer will not support Split Screen. Third party applications need to be updated to the latest versions to support Split Screen View. Due to the requirement of feature support by the application developers, some apps will not work with the Split screen. Games will not run in the split screen by default as it’s not the way the games were meant to be displayed. However, if you wish to do so there is an option to allow for force-resizing the applications in Developer Options. Expect glitches and force closes though. Here is a video of how the split screen will look like in MIUI 9:

Note: The features mentioned are for MIUI 9 China Developer ROM and the images and videos are taken from MIUI China Developer ROM 7.7.28 from my Mi 6.

Special thanks to admin @candicesu for constantly supporting and helping us. Thanks to @vincent_khoo and @Bughinirari for the detailed information threads of MIUI 9.

So MIUIers, which features of MIUI 9 mentioned in this thread, will you like more?? Please vote in the poll and tell us why you like that feature more…  Stay tuned for the second volume of the MIUI 9 Review & Feature thread…

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