Android Q beta 5 OTA update paused due to installation woes

The Android Q beta 5 was launched yesterday, inching us closer to a full stable release later this year. Unfortunately, Google has confirmed that it halted the OTA update for now due to installation-related problems.

“We’re aware of an issue with Android Q beta 5 related to installing updates. We’ve temporarily paused beta 5 OTA updates to all Pixel devices as we investigate the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will provide this post once the issue is resolved,” Google noted on the android_beta subreddit.

According to comments in the announcement thread, several users have reported issues with installing the update. More specifically, people are reporting frozen phones or prompts to factory reset their devices during the installation process.

It’s not the first time Google has paused an Android Q beta though, as the company did the same thing for the previous beta. Android Q beta 4 was paused after Pixel 3 owners reported that their phones would freeze during installation or dump into recovery mode.

Still keen to grab the latest update? Well, 9to5Google reports that users are still able to manually flashtheir Pixel phones to Android Q beta 5 if they wish.

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