5 best Star Trek games for Android

On September 6, 1966, the first episode of a new science fiction TV series, Star Trek, was shown for the first time in Canada (the show premiered in Canada first, two days before the U.S. on NBC on September 8). Now, 52 years later, Star Trek has become one of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time, with six live-action TV series and 13 feature films (so far), not to mention all the toys, comic books, novels, documentaries and, yes, games based on Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.

Android users can download five official games based on the Star Trek series from the Google Play Store, from high-end space strategy games to 8-bit pixel titles. Here’s a look at the best Star Trek games for Android.

Star Trek Timelines is, by far, the best Star Trek game out there. Developed by Disruptor Beam, the strategy RPG lets you pick your own starship crew from hundreds of characters available from the six Star Trek TV series, each with their own special skills and abilities. You can then use that crew to explore the galaxy in your own ship, again based on the many starships shown in those series. You can also engage in starship combat, either with AI controlled enemies or online with other players.

Star Trek – Wrath of Gems

Star Trek – Wrath of Gems is one many RPG puzzle games available for Android. Developer Genera Games has crafted a deep gameplay experience that rewards fans of both The Original Series and The Next Generation. The puzzle gameplay lets you not only pick characters from both series to bring into combat, but starships as well. Special booster packs let you select new characters, and you can increase the abilities and skills of both your characters and ships. All in all, this game is fun for both Star Trek fans and people who just want deep puzzle games.

Star Trek Trexels

Star Trek Trexels brings the experience of the TV shows to 8-bit life. This game from YesGnome lets you select a crew to take into space, and you can keep your starship going by assigning your crew members to specific rooms and missions. The game also allows you to take on away missions, sending crew members to planets to fight against hostile aliens. You can even hear Sulu himself, George Takei, as he gives you some advice.

Star Trek Trexels II

Recently, the sequel to Star Trek Trexels made its way to the Google Play Store, offering updated graphics and more or less the same basic gameplay. You assemble a crew of characters from the various Trek TV shows, explore the galaxy, and maintain the ship. You can also take them on planetary missions for some turn-based combat. Both Star Trek Trexels games are fun titles with retro graphics and lots of easter eggs for fans of the shows.

Star Trek Adversaries

The most recent Star Trek mobile game, Adversaries is a collectible card-based title where players pick from over 100 different starships from the Star Trek series. You can have your ships commanded by characters from the series, and fight off online human opponents in 3D card ship battles. Best of all, the game is cross platform, so you can play with iOS, Windows, and Mac gamers.

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