5 best bodybuilding apps and weightlifting apps for Android!

Bodybuilding isn’t easy. However, it’s also not a complex endeavor. You create a workout routine, lift weights, get gains, and keep track of those gains. Your smartphone can’t lift weights for you, obviously. However, it can work great as a tool to keep track of what you do and help plan your workout regimen. There are a few types of bodybuilding apps. There are gym logs that help keep track of gains. Additionally, there are apps that help plan workout routines. Finally, there are apps that can do both and then some. We’ll take a look at all of these styles of weightlifting apps. Here are the best bodybuilding apps for Android!

Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer for weight lifting

Fitness22 has a large family of strength training and cardio apps. You can go for any of them. However, we liked the Gym Workout Tracker app the best. This one has a little bit of everything. There are a variety of exercise and routine tutorials, videos, and things like that. Additionally, the app does, in fact, track your fitness. It boasts over 3,000 exercises, routines, and variations, routines for beginners, intermediates, and experts, and a lot more. This is a heavy app that tries to take care of all of your fitness needs. Those who need something simple shouldn’t use this. You get some stuff for free. The subscriptions are oddly presented, but with competitive pricing. We also like that you can pay a single fee for lifetime use.

FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

FitNotes is a good, basic gym log app. It tracks your fitness and gives you stats on your workouts. This one is entirely customizable. You add a new exercise, put in your reps and weight, and you can recall your workout results whenever you want. The UI is simple and there is nothing complex about this app. Exercises are measured in either resistance or cardio and then you customize from there. There isn’t much else to say about it really. It’s a perfectly competent workout tracker app with no bloat and no extra nonsense. It’s also entirely free. There is an optional $4.99 supporter version if you want to help out the developer.

Home Workout – No Equipmenеt

Home Workout – No Equipment is an excellent home fitness app from Leap Fitness. This has a virtual ton of exercises for home use and it doesn’t require equipment. That makes it great for bodybuilders on a budget. We still recommend going to a gym for its equipment, but this is a good way to workout at home too. It has a variety of exercises, routines, stretches, and other workouts. It even has animations to show how exercises work. Leap Fitness, the developer, has a bunch of other bodybuilding apps as well. It’s a fairly robust family of weightlifting apps. They are also fairly inexpensive, comparatively speaking.


JEFIT is one of the most popular workout planners and fitness trackers. Yes, it also works for bodybuilding. The free version of the app includes cross-platform support, body stat tracking, a training log, and access to JEFIT’s exercise database. The subscription version adds better stat reporting, stat comparisons with friends, and it removes advertising. The free version should work for most people, though. You can keep track of your reps and weight as you progress. It’s a good little app for measuring those gains. It’s an all-in-one kind of app, though, so you may see stuff for cardio and other fitness activities you don’t care about.

Strong: Exercise Gym Log


Strong: Exercise Gym Log is, well, an exercise gym log. We like it when they put the app’s purpose in its name as well. It’s an all-in-one style app. You can track your fitness and find a variety of exercises and routines in the app. It boasts 200 exercises, a built-in timer, a warm-up calculator, cloud backups, and more. It’s more than proficient in what it claims to do. That does come at a price, though. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions available as well as a single lifetime purchase. You can get a lot of this for free in other apps. However, we do especially like how simple this app works and all of the various ways it can track your weightlifting.

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