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The Main Cuts of Beef and the Right Way to Cook Them all

There has been a very sharp rise in the number of vegans and vegetarians. However, meat is the preferred meal for a lot of people. The percentage of meat lovers prefer to eat chicken over other meats. You should not get choked to find that beef lovers are still found in high numbers. If you are one of the many people that love beef, then you know that there are many cuts of beef. In the event, you know the ideal way to cook these various cuts of beef then you will really enjoy them. You will get to know more about cooking these cuts of beef when you read this article.

The 2 main cuts of beef are the tough and tender cuts of beef. The one part of beef that is known to be most tender is the tenderloin. It is because the tenderloin does not play any roles in the movement of the cow that it is tender. The meat that is located at parts of the cow that are further from the tenderloin is tougher. The tender cuts of beef are rib and loin. The main cause for the toughness of the meat from the rest of the cow is that those parts move around a lot.

At this stage, we shall now have a look at the many ways that these cuts of beef can be cooked well. It is widely agreed that the loin has meat that is most tender as compared to the other parts. There are various steaks that the loin is then cut into. We have the T-bone steak, porterhouse steak, and the Delmonico. The best way to cook these steaks is by pan-searing, grilling them, or roasting. Next, we have the sirloin. In the sirloin there is a lot of fat as well as a lot of fat in comparison with the loin and it is also less tender. Similarly, the ideal way for cooking this is by roasting or grilling.

The flank is the cut of beef that we a look at here. The meat at this part of the cow is tough as well as lean. The most recommended way to cook this cut of beef very well is to ensure that it is grilled over high heat quickly and then have it cut into thin slices against the grain. Because of the coarse texture of the meat at the flank, it is best soaked up in marinades. Next is a cut of beef called the chuck. In this cut of beef, the meat will be full of collagen and a lot of fat as well as a lot of muscle fibers. When you stew it for an hour or more, the fat will bring out more flavor.