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Couchtuner is one of those biggest video streaming sites that offer unlimited and free TV series and online movie streaming.

Couchtuner is one of those biggest video streaming sites that offer unlimited and free TV series and online movie streaming. However, you cannot differentiate between the original and the fake one. Most of the time you end up choosing the wrong one which rarely provides any content. Couchtuner 2.0 is here for you.

You may have heard of couchtuner getting blocked and inaccessible but you still can watch free online TV series and movies. Be it “The Walking Dead”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Game of Thrones” or anything else, Couchtuner has it for you.

Along with Couchtuner TV, you can also watch free movies online and the best part is you don’t need to sign up for streaming any video.

There have been various websites like couchtuner com, couchtuner eu but you hardly find anything still working. Don’t worry, we’re going to provide you some of the best working sites to watch TV shows, web series, and movies online.

Watch Online TV Shows on Couchtuner

Here are the links and ways to watch online TV shows for free of cost. You don’t need to register on the website or pay the subscription fee, just play and watch TV series online.

Working Couchtuner Website for TV and Movie Streaming

You already know there are tens and hundreds of sites on the internet claiming to be the real couchtuner but not all are good and some of them are there just to make some money by showing countless ads and pop ups.

Couch tuner is primarily for TV series but you can watch movies also using our recommendations. If you want to go for couchtuner site then go for these:

couchtuner TV streaming website

  • (couchtuner ag version)

These are the only versions which are working at the time of writing and it will be updated from time to time. You might be able to play movies and TV series on these websites.

Options Other Than Couchtuner

In case you are not satisfied with the database on those couch tuner sites and need something better then try out these alternatives. We only list sites where you can watch full-length TV shows and movies without signing up.

Most of these streaming sites are free to use, however, we may list premium one with the pricing. Couchtuner 2.0 presenting you some other options.

couchtuner TV streaming website

Select TV

If you are tired of finding videos on free ones then this is for you, it is a paid TV streaming service which offers a lot of stuff for a little price. You won’t even feel like spending anything for watching TV on this site.

Pricing: It costs you $24/year, which is an awesome package for full and non-stop TV entertainment.

Check out some of the features of this TV streaming service:

  • 300,000+ TV episodes
  • 200,000+ movies
  • Free video on demand
  • Pay per view
  • 50,000+ radio stations
  • Games, applications.
  • 5000+ live channels
  • Music streaming etc.

If you want a non-stop entertainment that gives you TV shows and movies at a single place then this premium service is for you but if you don’t want to pay then check out the other ones. – Watch Movies Online FREE – FMovies

Looking for a free couchtuner option? This is the one, a streaming website which offers unlimited free online movies and TV series.

The collection of this site is mind blowing and you can find almost every TV series and season here. This would be our top pick after Couchtuner for watching latest TV shows and movies online for free.

There’s a lot more that it offers, you can download the entire season and also have subtitles download option within the media player.

You also get the recently released movies and lots of genres and other filters to find your favorite movie or TV series.

Another popular option for those who are not happy with Couchtuner TV streaming. Whether you are looking for TV videos or movies, this website has it for you and it asks no signing up.

Still, couldn’t find a reliable site as Couchtuner? Try this streaming and downloading service. It is not going to provide you the site, it is just going to search a huge database of TV shows, web series, and movies and provide you the links where you can stream those videos.

This service makes it easier to find any TV show or movie online. You can either search them for online streaming or look for links where you can download them.

You should try this when you can’t find your favorite TV show anywhere else.

One of the best site to watch TV shows online for free, a good couchtuner like site. You won’t find any movies on this website because it is only made for TV shows and you can stream the latest TV shows here for free of cost.

This is one of those few free TV streaming services which offers latest shows and you should try this at least once.

Well, it has now transformed to but it has nothing to do with the website and video quality. This website is one of the finest couchtuner like website to watch free TV shows and movies online. They know ads are a pain but it is the only way to keep the TV streaming service up and running.

Their database is quite huge and you can search for your videos by just typing the name of that show or movie. You can also use the advanced search filters and find the TV and movies from your region.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just post a request for your TV show or movie on the website.

Undoubtedly, a great website to watch TV shows and movies online for free without any limitations. Latest movies are added to the database quite frequently and you can watch them without signing up.

Just like Gomovies, you can filter the videos by region and also watch the highest rated videos by IMDb.

You are also allowed to post your request for streaming any TV show or movies.

TV box ag has some seriously good content for you, it does not host any file on its servers rather it provides you links where you can stream TV series online.

TV box, home, Tv Shows, movies - couchtuner walking dead

Be it Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, TV box can provide you good links to watch TV shows online for free. The website is quite simple to use and you won’t find any irritating ads too frequently. It also has some classic TV shows. – Watch Your Favorite Tv Shows And Movies

A place where you can watch live TV shows, movies, and premiers also. You need to have a good speed internet to be able to stream videos on this site.

We would choose Couchtuner website instead of this.

You may have heard of this website and it is a great site to watch HD movies online. The only limitation of this site is that unlike Couchtuner it has movies collection only. You will hardly face any irritating ad pop up on this site.

Choosing between this website and Couchtuner would be a tough decision if it’s about movies. – Collection of my favorite TV series | video streaming collection

A good place to watch TV series and videos online. It does not have the recently released section but you can go for this TV streaming site if you want to see old shows. Update takes some time on this one.


Although these are awesome sites to watch TV series online but still Couchtuner has the largest database of online TV shows for you.

We have listed some working and live Couchtuner website along with some others which you can use to watch free online TV shows and movies. Feel to share this Couchtuner collection.

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